What is the difference between a real family and a forged one?

A real family is a cohesive and committed group for life. It is based on caring and giving parents who bring children, build the infrastructure for life and help them mentally, emotionally and financially throughout their lives until the day they die.

A real family is similar to a business company, in the sense that company owners must invest, nurture and nurture the company all the time, unabated, restless all their lives – to achieve prosperity, power and success. Otherwise their company will start to degenerate and eventually it will collapse, much like a disintegrated and neglected family that is split, weak, disintegrated and poor.

Fake family

A fake family is a split and split family. Although parents bring children and seemingly create a family unit, there is in fact no obligation on the part of the parents to nurture and nourish the family unit significantly and deeply.

A fake family is a family without a soul, without substance and without obligation. In practice, each member of the family has to survive on his own and in his own power.

What do children bring?

In a real family the children are the center and fruit of the family. Without children there is no meaning to the family and the whole purpose of the parents is the children, their welfare and their happiness. In a real family, the involvement and assistance of the parents of the children is immense and takes place on a daily basis and is accompanied by endless warmth, love, concern and caring.

In a fake family, the children are not at the center of the house but at the margins, often even perceived as a nuisance, a burden and a burden. They do not constitute the bulk of the parents’ joy and concern. On the contrary. In a fake family the parents are the center of the family, the children are in excess, the neglect of them is systematic and the expectation of them is not to bother or disturb. When there are problems – the accusative finger is immediately directed towards the children and they are the ones who need to “fix” and solve the family problem, because parents have no deep interest in the family.

Right to life

In a real family, parents are caring, helping, supporting, believing and pushing their children for life. Over time, they also support and push the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Real family parents consider the creation and prosperity of the family a lifelong right. They live in the thought that family is the greatest and most central achievement of their lives, long before their personal pleasure or whim or private fantasy.

Whereas in a fake family, parents seek to renounce their mandatory role as quickly as possible, to send the children to independence and to indulge in their personal and private lives, their pleasures and self-realization, as if the parents’ role ends at a certain point in time after which the parents are “exempted” from their duties.

And a final tip: In a real family, parents really care about the kids on a day-to-day basis, and are willing to do anything, including sacrifice everything they have, for their children. In a fake family the concept of victim does not exist. Parents are not willing to sacrifice for themselves for the children, and the children are emotionally and financially neglected for their entire lives.

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